• Innovation for the music market

    We connect bands, companies and brands with new possibilities of actions in Brazil and abroad through customized projects since its conception, strategy and implementation.

    Music strategy for brands

    We promote companies and brands through music initiatives and projects, creating and producing events that will deliver great marketing & endomarketing results.

    Visibility for musicians and bands

    ForMusic offers production and distribution services promoting bands that are willing to expand their contact with their fans in Brazil and explore the great Brazilian market.

    Customized projects

    Customization of plans and campaigns to attend companies, brands and artists harmonising with the desires of its target audiences. Short and long term plans according to budget and target definition.

    Partnership with Brazilian press

    Partnership with main producers, radios, TVs and online/offline press outlets in general in Brazil, in order to promote and intensify reach and impacts of the campaign.

    Events production

    Full production of all sort of events that promote artists and companies: parties, shows, signing sessions, events, acoustic presentations and many other actions to impact your audience.
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